Chojnik Karkonoski Festiwal Biegowy

The Chojnik Karkonosze Running Festival is a running competition in the Karkonosze Mountains over six distances. There will be fast racing, beautiful routes, wonderful atmosphere and arduous driving kilometers at ultra distances. What makes us stand out? The common point for all mountain runners is one thing – we like to have a hill climb.

Chojnik Krkonoše Running Festival will squeeze out of the difficult Krkonoše paths as much as possible. Running routes lead through the most beautiful parts of the Giant Mountains, largely off the well-known and “trampled” by tourists routes. This year, the competition routes lead on the Polish side of the massif, and on some distances they come across the Jizera Mountains. Thus, runners experience alpine trails with steep, rocky slopes, spectacular views and technically difficult sections.

Six distances, Hill Half Marathon (28 km), Stone Thirty (32 km) Chojnik Marathon (46 km), Relay Chojnik (61km), Seventy with hook (71 km) and Ultra Chojnik (102 km), give you the chance to measure with the Giant Mountains both for amateurs and old stunters. For the participant himself, this – quite extended – circulation of the Chojnik Castle always has mystical connotations – he is alone with the mountains, he fights with his weaknesses, he struggles with heights.

Six routes are six completely different challenges, thanks to which you can lose yourself in running. But this is not the end of numbers. In 2017, we won three Górskie Kozice, prizes that are awarded to the organizers of the best mountain races in the country. In 2018, we added one for the best running festival in the country. We are glad that the way we organize our event has been appreciated by runners – says Mateusz Lewicki, one of the organizers. As you can see, it is worth being part of this madness and come – at least – cheer.

In addition, during the two days of the festival, numerous attractions were prepared not only for players, but also for their families, fans and volunteers. They will feed Food Trucks, entertain live musicians, and educate – artistic and sports workshops for children and teenagers. – We have large families ourselves and we want the trip to the competition not to exclude a pleasant weekend with loved ones. Above all, we try to create a friendly space for everyone – says Daniel Chojnacki.

The three organizers run the mountains themselves. They go to competitions, cover kilometers, trampling stones and forest paths. As the third of them adds – Karol Gołaj – from the beginning we are guided by the idea of ​​building a community, connecting players, volunteers, and supporters. Because we know and often repeat that running is a team sport.

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