Łemkowyna Ultra-Trail®

The fifth edition of Łemkowyna Ultra – Trail® will take place on October 12-14, 2018. It is during Łemkowyna that the legendary Ultra-Trail® World Tour cycle will come to this part of Europe. Łemkowy on Ultra – Trail® 150 begins adventure in the cycle as a Discovery Race, but many hope that this will be just the beginning of the Polish accent in UTWT. We know from behind-the-scenes talks that really strong players from around the world will appear in the Low Beskids.

Strong competitors from Poland will also be attracted by the competition on the ŁUT 70 route, which will be hosting the Polish Championships in Ultra-Distance Mountain Race this year. Therefore, competition at the highest level awaits us!

The year 2018 brings changes. The biggest surprise is the new route ŁUT 100, which will replace the existing 80. The finish line on the beautiful promenade in Iwonicz Zdrój after 103 kilometers of struggle with the Low Beskids will be a completely new experience and a great breakthrough before 150, for those who do not yet feel ready for such a challenge.

Columbia Sportswear, being the Main Technical Partner of the Event, will once again take care of equipping the team of excellent volunteers, as well as the thermal comfort of the 150 finishers, whom Łemkowyna got used to the beautiful sweatshirts at the finish. The unforgettable autumn views and unpredictable aura that will decide the results on the route will also remain unchanged. And competitors will be reliably accompanied by traces of Lemko culture in the form of shrines scattered along the route, churches, wooden houses, or remains of displaced villages.

The coordinators of points and logistic security ensure that, as every year, the points will have the highest quality service and the Lemko menu will acquire even more flavors, as befits a UTWT event!

Those who want to learn more about the competition, preparations or circumstances of the event will be able to meet with Director Krzysztof Gajdziński during the next edition of Łemko on Tour. A series of presentations and meetings with participants will start in the spring and will come to new locations even outside our country!

Łemkowyna courses:

Łemkowyna Ultra-Trail® 150 – 150 km (UTWT Discovery Race, ULTRA CUP POLAND)

Łemkowyna Ultra-Trail® 100 – 103 km (ULTRA CUP POLAND)

Łemkowyna Ultra-Trail® 70 – 70 km (Polish Championships in Ultra-Trail Mountain Race 20 18, ULTRA CUP POLAND)

Łemko Marathon 48 – 48km

Łemko Trail 30 – 30km

More: www.ultralemkowyna.pl